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Although Bialy's life was short, her ambassador role to assist special needs animals continues through Bialy's Wellness Foundation. 

 Bialy in her splint.

Bialy in her splint.

Bialy was found as a stray just before Christmas. She was about 2 months old, had been severely abused with a wound on her neck and a fracture in T11 vertebrae.  The first vet she saw said she would never walk again because Bialy had little to no voluntary reflex. After seeking out consultation with a neurologist Bialy was put in a splint as her back healed while her foster home performed basic massage techniques and range of motion. She was making progress on almost a daily basis and after seven weeks her splint was removed. The neurologist cleared Bialy for rehab and began physical therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture and underwater treadmill at Integrative Pet Care and continued to receive daily massages at home. Due to the physical and emotional trauma early on in her life once Bialy was splint free she was brought to trainers and behaviorists to help control her anxiety and fear. She was co-adopted by two families, one of which was her foster family.

Despite all the love and effort put into giving Bialy the best chance possible at living a full life and maintaining her physical and emotional needs, Bialy became an angel on June 19, 2014. Her legacy lives on through this foundation which provides families with special needs animals the equipment, medical care, rehabilitative therapy, training, resources and support necessary to optimize the quality of life of their wonderful animals. Help other special needs animals like Bialy by making a donation

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