Beez's Donation Drive

Beez was brought into an animal control facility just north of Chicago severely matted and barely able to use his back legs. We were contacted about him via social media and within a few short hours found a fantastic rescue organization, Be Fido's Friend, to take him in and our founder (also Josh's mom) offered to foster. He was groomed and brought to the vet to be fully vaccinated and given a thourough medical examination. He is in good health other than having pretty severely infected ears, urine scalding and discoloration of his hind limbs, and we believe the cause of his hind limb paresis to be localized to his lower lumbar spine. Beez has a neurology consult on Monday (1/2/17) and a better idea of his prognosis will be determined at that time. We also have him set up for a veterinary rehab consult with Integrative Pet Care next Wednesday (1/4/17). It is our goal to get him walking again as we believe he is already showing signs that it is possible!

Please consider donating to Beez's care below. 

$ 1,000

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