Welcome 2015!

Bialy's Wellness Foundation (BWF) has come a long way in just 6 short months. Founded in memory of our beloved Bialy, we sponsored veterinary & rehab care, provided equipment, and training services for 7 special needs animals and began building relationships with businesses to help more families and rescue organizations.

Looking back, Terry and I spent so much time on the internet researching equipment, supplies, supplements bladder and bowel issues, wound care, among other topics to help our beloved Bialy. We are happy to now have this blog feature to share with you our knowledge, experience, and counsel so that others who care for special needs animals have a place to turn. 

With a panel of regular and guest bloggers who all have experience with special needs animals, we will keep you well informed of all the opportunities available for our differently-abled friends. If there are any questions or topics that you would like us to address on the blog, please feel free to email us at bialyspecialneeds@gmail.com

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