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Cole was only 6-weeks old when he was dropped off at Chicago Animal Care and Control. He didn’t stand a chance. Cole is a pitbull, of which an estimated 7% in large cities (in this case, Los Angeles; study by Animal People) make it out of similar situations, and was missing his two front limbs. His nubs ended in open wounds and his back-left foot, now having only 3 full toes, was infected. A lost, lonely, and counted-out Cole was being walked to the euthanization room when a local rescue, Rescue Warriors, spotted him on their way out. They saved Cole’s life.

Kimmy and I had previously foster-failed through Rescue Warriors and had just moved into our first apartment together, which gave us the freedom to continue to foster. We saw Cole on Facebook the day he was rescued, but after our very recent introduction to distemper and parvo with Keke and her siblings, we were hesitant to take on another pup. However, after a about a week with no activity regarding a foster for Cole (we were following his posts closely) we knew we had to step up. Cole arrived to our new apartment, open wounds, infections and all. The first weeks were rough for a number of reasons, but we all learned together. Cole learned to get around and be independent while we learned to keep him healthy and safe. Our “foster dog” soon became Cole the Wonder Pup, and we’ve been a team ever since.

Even before we officially adopted Cole, Kimmy and I knew he needed special attention. We quickly got him into hydrotherapy, taking him for his first swim before he was three months old, at Natural Healing Whole Dog Wellness. In addition, after moving within a couple miles of Integrative Pet Care in Hanover Park, we enrolled Cole in an intensive, 8-week therapy program, which kick started his ongoing massage, chiropractic therapy, and underwater treadmill. Cole currently goes to hydrotherapy once a week, gets a full body massage twice monthly, and gets a chiropractic adjustment when needed, typically once every three months. Cole stays in tip-top shape with the help of his extended team of caretakers (for whom we are extremely grateful, shout out to Dr. Rosie), vitamins and joint supplements, and high protein enriched food. In his free time, Cole enjoys lengthy naps in the grass, playing with his sisters (and foster pups), and, of course, cuddling with his parents.

Kevin Koster and Kimberly Boshold, parents of Cole and Keke, are active advocates for pitbulls and “differently-abled” animals. Their advocacy came  about after fostering, and later adopting, Cole and being exposed to the  archaic thoughts that surround the pitbull breed. Kimmy and Kevin volunteer with local rescue organizations in their free time and network to find dogs their furever home. In addition, Kimmy and Kevin spread Cole’s story in the hopes of giving pitbulls and differently-abled dogs a face. Kimmy and Kevin live just outside of Chicago with Cole, Keke, and plans for a continuous stream of foster pups.

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Photo courtesy of  Sparenga Photography

Photo courtesy of Sparenga Photography