Elmer's Project

Bialy's Wellness Foundation began sponsoring Elmer in January 2015. He was the ninth animal we sponsored and the second animal to require expensive diagnostic testing. Elmer was brought into a shelter at 9 weeks of age with suspected hydrocephalus. An MRI was performed to make the diagnosis and found that his condition was extremely rare. Unfortunately less than 24 hours after Elmer's MRI, he declined rapidly and Elmer passed on January 21, 2015 with a veterinary bill totaling $2,441.44.

We now have a special funding project in honor of Elmer so that we can assist other special needs animals that need advanced diagnostics and need to be seen by veterinary specialists. It has been our experience that MRI testing runs approximately $2,000-2,500. Having this funding in place will allow us to take on more costly cases who need further diagnostic testing and specialty consults in order to determine if their condition is able to be helped by surgery or other medical intervention. 


To make your tax deductible contribution to "Elmer's Project," please click the link below.