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Bialy's Wellness Foundation fills a critical void in the rescue and pet-owning community. Through our sponsorship, collaborative blog and social media outreach, we connect families and organizations to veterinarians, rehabilitation and massage therapists, trainers and each other. We provide a space where animal lovers and professionals can share the insight, experience and hope we need to ensure our most special animals can enjoy long, active and happy lives.

Ways to Donate

Your donation goes straight to work helping special needs animals receive the equipment, medical care, rehabilitative therapy and resources they need to optimize their quality of life. Donate today.


Get Involved

Bialy's Wellness Foundation is an all-volunteer run organization. We rely on sharing your expertise and passions by participating in the volunteer opportunities you enjoy the most! Learn more.

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Are you a pet owner or rescue organization that could use assistance caring for a special needs pet? We grant financial assistance and provide equipment and supplies to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Apply today.