Mimi's Donation Drive

In the middle of August 2015, Mimi's owner passed away. She left behind young children and this gorgeous 2 year old pit bull named Mimi. Originally it was thought that Mimi’s physical condition was the result of a reaction to vaccines which has rendered her less than fully mobile. After diagnostics were performed and a trip to an orthopedic specialist at UW Madison was made it was found that Mimi has Rheumatoid Arthritis, a severe degenerative disease in her stifles (knees), elbows and wrists. RA has caused extreme muscle contracture and loss of movement in both of her hindlimbs as well as limited movement in her front limbs. 

Given Mimi's diagnosis and the families tragic circumstances, Mimi was not getting all the attention she needed at home to keep up with the demands of such a difficult to treat disease in addition to not living in a pet friendly building. They decided it was in Mimi's best interest to rehome her. Luckily along the way, the family's neighbor, Danielle, and her boyfriend, Joel, fell in love with Mimi and decided to keep her.

Danielle and Joel will not be living in a pet friendly building until July 2016 so we found a temporary solution. So that Mimi could still see her new family, negotiations with landlords and roommates were made and we found a boarding facility close to Mimi's new family and her rehab facility. She will be spending part of every week at a boarding facility, continue her therapy at Integrative Pet Care and the remaining time each week with her new family. We are looking to raise $1,500 to help cover the costs of Mimi's boarding and supplies over the next two months until her forever family can keep her permanently.

Please consider donating to Mimi's care so that she has a chance at living the rest of her life with more mobility in a loving home. 

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