our impact 


2018 has been a record breaking year for Bialy’s Wellness Foundation! Because you chose to donate, purchase merchandise, volunteer your time and support BWF we sponsored 34 additional mobility impaired pets with over $46,600 in equipment, medical care and rehabilitation services. This was all done while continuing sponsorship, being a resource and support system to pets (and their caretakers) in the BWF Family since our inception over 4 years ago.

When we started in 2014 we thought if we could help one pet become more mobile, give relief to just one pet owner who tirelessly loves and cares for their special needs pet, and prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of one mobility challenged pet our mission would be hugely successful. Our impact has gone well above and beyond that.

This year your assistance provided: 
- specialist services to 25 pets, 13 of whom needed additional diagnostics (radiographs, MRIs, etc.) and in depth veterinary care

- 19 pets received extensive rehab programs focused on improving mobility and quality of life

- 17 carts were given to gain independence

- 12 assistive harnesses provided caretakers to enjoy a walk with their pet

- 10 pets received incontinence supplies to help them stay clean and dry

- 3 pets received prosthetic devices to prevent long term compensatory changes and improve mobility.

We have done much more with your assistance and continue to help all members of the BWF family in anyway we can, whether it be financial assistance, respite care, resources or time to talk.

As we approach our fifth year in stewardship Bialy’s Wellness Foundation is fast approaching adding the 100th pet to our family! As of noon today we have sponsored 96 pets and have the opportunity to add to that total by the end of the year.

Please consider helping us get a head start in funding 2019 by making a tax-deductible donation, volunteering with Bialy's Wellness Foundation, or sharing our mission with your friends and family by sharing this post.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful to Bialy, our namesake, who inspired such an amazing mission and community of supporters.

Looking forward to a bright, happy, and productive New Year!

With Gratitude,
Erin Kowalski, President & Founder