Remembering Bella

Bialy's Wellness Foundation began sponsoring Bella in December 2014 and provided funding for veterinary care, rehabilitation services and equipment.

Bella was rushed her to the hospital in April 2013, where she underwent emergency spinal surgery which showed blood clots and swelling around the spine and had to get 3 ruptured disks removed. She started physical therapy and began spinal walking but got around using a wheelchair. She did amazing work for the next four years and was extremely loved by many. In April 2017 Bella the SuperPup passed away unexpectedly. She had a seizure at home and held on till she got to the hospital but unfortunately they could not save her.  

Bella's fantastic mom did so much for her and it was a privilege for us to be part of her life. In her memory donations are being taken via the link below so that more pets with mobility issues can become SuperPups just like Bella.