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Meet Cooper! This cutie pie has hind limb ataxia that progressed to paraplegia from a lesion on his T2 vertebrae. He also has been experiencing focal seizures and is not continent. He received a custom wheelchair from Bialy’s Wellness Foundation along with supplies for his continence. He is now in rehab therapy and his hind limbs are becoming more active. Current sponsorship includes: equipment, medication, rehabilitation therapy costing approximately $400/month.

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Meet Jack. This young pug had a spinal decompression and stabilization surgery after an MRI revealed severe kyphosis and spinal cord compression in his thoracic spine. The surgery was unable to help overcome the paraplegia and he is now a very happy pug in a cart. He is incontinent and has no voluntary movement in the hindlimbs but there is hope he may "spinal walk" with rehab therapy. Current sponsorship includes: equipment, supplements, rehabilitation therapy costing approximately $800/month

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Meet Mimi. This sweetheart of a girl was diagnosed with a rare joint disease in dogs: rheumatoid arthritis, a severe degenerative disease in her stifles (knees), elbows and wrists. RA has caused extreme muscle contracture and loss of movement in both of her hindlimbs as well as limited movement in her front limbs. Since beginning sponsorship Mimi has become more comfortable and her mobility has improved which has shown in longer walks around her neighborhood. Current sponsorship includes: medication, rehabilitation therapy, specialty consults, veterinary care costing approximately $600/month

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