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Helping Special Needs Animals

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Bialy's Wellness Foundation is tackling an exciting project that includes surveying pet owners/caretakers of special needs pets (focusing on mobility issues) to provide us with the following information:

1. How to best focus our mission and create/implement programs within our scope to serve you better.

2. Collect data for grant writing purposes.

3. Create a community to connect pet owners/caretakers of special needs pets.

4. Interview/highlight cases submitted. 

Name *
Pet's date of birth? *
Pet's date of birth?
Best guess/approximate if unknown.
Pet's gender? *
Diagnosis *
What diagnostics were performed? *
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Did the pet have insurance? *
Was surgery an option? *
Not an option or not needed? Poor prognosis? Cost (too expensive)? Quality of life?
Was veterinary rehabilitation performed? *
Please describe before and after if pertinent and note if your pet is ambulating normally, paretic, ataxic, or paralyzed.
Is you pet incontinent? *
If incontinent, did your pet struggle with urinary tract infections?
Did you have to express your pet's bladder or bowels? *
Did your pet utilize any of the following assistive devices or supplies? *
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Please include any challenges, memorable moments, quality of life concerns, physical limitations, or stories.
Were you comfortable leaving your pet? Did you go on vacation? Did you get enough time to care for yourself/family?
What tools, if any, did you use to help care for your pet? *
Please check all that apply.
Please note if there were resources that were helpful or tools you wish you had to help your pet. What was/is missing?
Would you take on the responsibility of caring for a special needs pet again? *
Did your pet develop any behavior issues? *
At any point did your pet develop pneumonia? *
Is your pet spayed/neutered? *
Did your pet develop pressure sores? *
Please provide information on efficacy of treatment.
Did you have a network or community of people that you could talk with about your pet? *

Please complete the form below if you would like to partake in the survey. 

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