Check out some of the work we have done thus far and what our sponsored families have to say!


“I would have a hard time conveying my emotions properly because of how attached I am to my daughter. Yes, my dog is as important to me as a human baby. I know, I'm one of THOSE people. :). All I can say is what's in my heart. I'm telling you, without a doubt, Bialy's Wellness Foundation has changed my daughter’s life. I am going through a lot of tough times right now, especially financially. When I say broke, I mean, I literally have no money at all. Bialy's has given my daughter the thing she needed most: mobility. Not only did they get her a wheelchair, it was fully customizable. When I needed pads and wipes, they sent those. When I asked for a drag bag and rear harness, there they were, helping me help my daughter. And most recently, they helped cover her acupuncture treatments. I was bawling, yes. I guess what I'm trying to say is that without Bialy's, we would literally have nothing right now. Thank you Bialy's Wellness Foundation! If you get a chance, the donations they receive really do help! And as soon as I'm able to start giving back to them, I will be!”

- Jerrell, Leela’s dad



When Thor had his incident, we knew we were going to do everything we could to get him back to his usual playful self but we had no idea what that road would actually look like. With the support of Bialy's Wellness Foundation, he has been given the best possible chance and it shows with how much recovery he has made in the months following. He's transitioned from being afraid and anxious about what was wrong with him to having the confidence, energy, and mobility to get around the house and on walks with minor assistance. We are forever grateful to Bialy's for the generosity that has allowed us many more years with a cherished member of our family.
- The Nash Family

lt dan

"Lt. Dan's progress continues to amaze us. Going from the tiny puppy who couldn't walk at all to now being able to get around on his own is truly a testament to what love, therapy, and support can do.  Through his therapy at Integrative Pet Care he has gained strength, mobility, and independence. We are thankful that BWF sponsored his care and we cannot imagine our household without him!"

 - Brittney, Lt. Dan's mom


"Mimi has improved quite a lot since beginning regular appointments at Integrative Pet Care as a result of sponsorship from Bialy's Wellness Foundation. Her range of motion has improved, she is able to go for longer walks, occasional runs, and will regularly jump on the couch with no assistance. She still carries lots of tension from her arthritis, but her day-to-day life has improved exponentially. She is an incredibly happy and loving dog who doesn’t let her condition slow her down at all! We're grateful that BWF has ensured that Mimi gets the care she needs and has enabled us to adopt such a rambunctious, sweet pup!"

- Danielle, Mimi's mom


"How I wish I could have met with Bialy to thank her for the huge impact she has had on dogs like me. Thanks to her, doggies like me are living happily, even with our special needs. I always look forward to my hydro-therapy rehab sessions, and especially enjoy seeing my old friends at the animal hospital. I am also getting more confident each day in my wheelchair-driving skills. Thank you, Bialy and your wonderful friends, for allowing me to continue a life worth living with my family here in South Africa."

- Lola


Before adopting Cooper we had no idea what it was like to take care of a do with so many special needs, but we knew that we had the love and desire to make him a part of our family.  Unfortunately, we were not given much hope for his continued quality of life by others around us.  Then met Erin at Bialy's Wellness Foundation.  BWF became Cooper's guardian angel in November 2016.  We took the trip up to Integrative Pet Care so he could be fitted for a new cart.  After he received the new cart and a session with the therapist, Cooper gained a new lease on life. Not only does his new cart allows him more freedom in the world - it fits him so well that he enjoys getting into it!  He has also started trying to use his back legs to stand and started taking a step here and there.  Thanks to BWF Cooper not only has the supplies he needs, but he will also be starting therapy soon!  We are so excited to see Cooper improving every day!  Thank you Bialy's Wellness Foundation for giving us hope and helping Cooper enjoy life!

- Beth, Cooper's Mom